"Beauty is the illumination of the Soul."

- John O'Donahue 

    'Atiq is a curator of taste, design, and luxury home and office furnishing. 'Atiq , which is Arabic for 'antique',suggests our commitment to Old World craftsmanship and personalization. 

    Our collection, which seamlessly blends the time honored and unprecedented, expresses the highest caliber of quality, attention to detail, and service. 



Founding CEO

A native of Chicagoland, Umair's intellectual curiosity and passion for exploration led him to North Africa. As a student at the Qarawiyyin in Fez, Morocco, he was taken by both the beauty of the ancient walled city and the traditions of its artisans and craftspeople. After forging a relationship with one of the most notable woodworking guilds in Fez, Meknes, Wazzan and the Western Sahara, he has embarked on a mission to share the beauty of their craft with the world.


Founding Partner/ Creative Director

A creative nomad whose expression has never been able to settle on a single medium, Evans has led projects in many realms; Interior design, menswear, automobile- customization, landscape architecture, and woodworking. With artistic vistas that draw inspiration from sources as widely varied as Islamic Spain, Old Cairo, German industrial design, and graffiti, Evans endeavors to help each client's unique stylistic  voice find expression.

Mohammad Zakariae Aloui Mdghari 

Mohammad Zakariae Aloui Mdghari is a native of Fes, Morocco from the "Aloui" clan that trace their lineage to the Prophetic family of the Hijaz by way of the Saharan Desert. He has worked in wood and traditional crafts all his life. He manages all of the orders and pieces and overlooks all shipments. Most importantly, he personally goes throught our elaborate process quality control on all of our pieces .

Craft Manager- Morocco.